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Once Upon a time Com'Clothes...

Everything started when I was working as a saleswoman in a clothes store while studying Fashion Design at Esmod…


As you know already, Fast fashion brands constantly offer their customers new trendy collections and therefor have new visual merchandising elements such as canvas for their window displays.  

Not every shop uses printed canvas but the shop I used to work for does and changes it every 2 weeks or so.

And this huge printed canva in the middle of the shop window is thrown away like garbage each time a new collection arrives.


So I decided to salvage those beautiful printed canvas and upcycle them into clothes : Com'Clothes was born, or at least in my mind ! 

You can see the 1st item that I am proudly wearing : the bomber jacket CLARA



As a Slow Fashion Activist, my aim is to create a sustainable brand that revalue materials instead of buying them to help preserve the planet through a circular economy...

#slowfashion #sustainability #upcyclingisthefuture         


In this way, I want to minimize waste by making small accessories out of the fabric scraps such as reusable makeup remover pads, headbands, scrunchies or even belts..


Each canva is different so each item will be unique : Com’Clothes is an opportunity for me to express my creativity through limited editions, made in France and eco-friendly creations. !

Besides, I want to work with french integration workshops for the production, the 1st one being L'atelier Emerjean, In Villeurbanne (Lyon).

So if you seek unique items with a positive social impact and eco-responsibly made in France,

Stay tuned for my crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, I’ll share the link here soon !  

Ready to take part in this adventure ???

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