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Me, myself and I.

My name is Emilie, aka Meili, the name I was given while studying chinese (Yes I studied Chinese for 3 years before I came back to my senses and started another degree in Fashion Design !!)

Nothing too cliché here, just a few points to help you understand me a little better : 


  • Yes I am a Fashion Enthusiast & I am against Fast Fashion

Slow Fashion is not only for hippies, People! 

  • Yes I love Fashion Photography, planning photoshoots as long as I don't have to strike the pose myself! 

Honestly, to all the super photogenic people, HOW DO YOU DO ? Is it a DNA thing ?

On the left, a picture of me I dont hate  thanks to the very talented photographer Maud Pignata !

  • Yes I am "already" 30 and still fighting for my dream job! 

30 is the new 20, ok? Everybody knows that ! 

  • Yes I want to save the planet from the climate crisis 

And in the meantime having chat with Mr Di Caprio for instance (Greta, you are lucky, you know that ??)

  • Yes I want to protect animals and keep them from our wardrobes & plates ! 

Antispecism & Compassion are the future (ok, I admit I still scream when I see a spider but I'm working on it !!)

  • Yes I am a feminist ! No I don't hate men  (if you disagree with that sentence, let me remind you, it's 2020 for God's sake )

Women's empowerment & gender equality are within reach people (Keep fighting !!)

  • Yes I am addicted to cats and for those of you who might think this is a disease, I might agree with you but don't really want to be cured so be prepared for the puur-fect cat puns!!! 


Post-introspection Conclusion ?

A lot of things seem contradictory in life but are really not! I hope I can show you through my articles, my photographs, and my future brand that it is possible to : 

-Be a SLOW fashionista 

-Create new things while taking care of the planet

-Dress & eat ethically without losing a kidney ! 

And a lot of other stuffs to inspire you I hope! 

Kisses from afar (and behind my mask! PS: SAVE LIVES, WEAR MASKS!!)


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